This blog exists so that I may post my art without it getting lost in the midst of countless reblogs.

In commemoration of the rerelease of Land of Fans and Music, I figured I’d upload the banners I did for both 1 and 2 to this blog as I’m proud of both of them.

My curiosity for Homestuck wouldn’t have been piqued if it weren’t for an early version of a song from the original LOFAM, so I considered it an honor to retroactively contribute to it by making a banner for its new home. I made that banner one big throwback to the style I used way back when I used the oekaki applet, PaintBBS, extensively. Some of the colors on this one are sampled from the original LOFAM cover art, which I did not do myself as I was not an active member of the fandom at the time.

I was recruited to do the banner for LOFAM2 after I volunteered to do the cover art, so it fits more with my standard fare as far as style is concerned. Also I snuck in a reference to Moonsetter because that has to be one of my all-time favorite official songs. You can’t go wrong with Moonsetter.

Maybe I should use that oekaki style again every so often! It’s still fun after all this time.

  • 26 May 2013
  • 18